Did you know that 1 in 6 children has a disability?

1in6 Support is a non-profit providing support, consulting, and advocacy for families of children with disabilities, communities, and organizations.

Ways We Can Help

At 1in6 Support, our mission is to empower and uplift families of children with disabilities by providing emotional and practical support, fostering accommodating communities, and collaborating with organizations and companies dedicated to creating a more accessible and inclusive world.

How Our Paid Services and Your Donations Can Make a Difference

Sustaining our Non-Profit Initiatives

Every fee you contribute directly sustains our non-profit activities

Funding Free Services for Families

Your participation enables us to offer essential services free of charge

Building a Sustainable Model

This ensures the continuity and expansion of our free services to a wider audience

Expanding Reach and Impact

Your involvement directly contributes to our ability to reach more people

Transparency in Action

Every dollar generated from your participation is used thoughtfully and strategically

Connect With Our Programs

2 Moms no Fluff

Advocacy, support and consulting for families of children with disabilities and their communities, including a podcast and monthly newsletter.

1in6 Consulting

Consulting and training to help companies and organizations create a more inclusive workplace for employees caring for children with disabilities.

1in6 equipment exchange

1in6 Equipment Exchange provides a place for families to browse and then borrow equipment temporarily or indefinitely.

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