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Events and retreats for families

Our organization plans and hosts events and retreats specifically designed for families of children with disabilities. These gatherings provide opportunities for relaxation, connection, and the exchange of experiences in a supportive and understanding environment.

Research and data collection

We conduct research to collect quantifiable data and case studies about children with disabilities, their families, and their communities. This information is crucial for shaping policies, guiding advocacy efforts, and identifying areas where support is most needed.

Advocacy and activism support

We actively support advocacy and activism efforts by providing consulting and training services to grassroots organizations, legislators, and politicians. Our goal is to empower individuals and groups to effectively advocate for policies and changes that benefit children with disabilities and their families.

In-person support groups and individual counseling

Our in-person support groups offer a safe and empathetic space where families of children with disabilities can connect, share experiences, and provide mutual support. Additionally, individual counseling sessions provide personalized guidance to address specific challenges and foster emotional well-being.

Training on starting local parent connection groups

We offer training programs to empower organizations and parents worldwide on how to initiate and sustain local parent connection groups. This initiative aims to create a network of community-based support systems for families dealing with disabilities.

Online support groups for global connections

We facilitate online support groups that transcend geographical boundaries, allowing family members worldwide to connect and share their experiences. This virtual space provides a sense of community, where individuals dealing with common issues or rare conditions can find support and solidarity.

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